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#UPost A bit of a blitz purchase

Denon AH—D600
Saw a good deal for a mint condition once, wasn’t too interested because I had the UE6000 at the time which I read seems to have similar sound sig.

But then after months past, I find a demo of the D600 on a retail store, it piques my interest, after lunch with my family, I put some eartime to them, put out my DAP, tune in my music…

The UE 6000 had nothing on this at all… Man it’s actually very nice, the vocal is clear and doesn’t feel recessed at all, which was what make me sold the UE, and disliking the DT770, bass is punchy and layered, it’s been a while I heard this nice of a bass, last time was when I was demoing a Sony Z1R, and this Denon clearly makes me remember of that experience, yeah, the D600 actually, in tonality at least is very similar to the $1700+ Sony flagship, it’s an instant buy for me at that night, finding the deal still available (a pity for the brand, but very lucky for me!) and waited for a couple days for it to arrive,

When it arrived, man it stole my MA900 and K702 from any eartime, I really am missing a good closed cans. I had to sold my M40x and my 2ndary phone, but it was well worth it.
I finally I have a closed can that doesn’t lose to my open 🙂

Review will be coming for the Denon 🙂
Also an update for purchased gears, also some sold, etc etc.
May also post other kind of review here int eh future… The problem is language… Stays Indonesian or English… Undecided.

Impresi Pertama Flagship Sony MDR Z1R

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Random Personal Audio Gear Impressions

This is my VERY ROUGH notes of each and every headphones and its accessory that I’ve ever tried, It’d stand as point of reference for my bias and preferences. Be aware this is written in small bits with almost incoherent nature, just comment if there’s something you don’t really get

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Be Peaceful OK?

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Small opening of my first blog!

March/8/2014: 18.35 West Indonesia time


It’s my first post for my new blog where I’ll start to post anything that have caught my interest, which can be anything and come randomly, (though mainly it’ll be about anime, manga, movies, Novels, Games, Tech News (WP fan) and other random trivia things…. Wish for a good days from now!